Dear Disaster
The Criminal Kid's sophomore album is another Dark Gems Media production. The album was released on March 25, 2022.
Rise Up, Tacloban!
This music video was produced to commemorate the 1st anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan and represents a message of hope to people around the world. It was created to raise awareness of global collaborations during times of crisis and need.
Sold to the Cause - Linger
Produced by David Roman and Rob Hillstead, performances by David Roman, Rob Hillstead, and Justin Robson. Special thanks to Nathan Binns and Victor Roman. "Sold to the Cause" is cause for alarm. When will the military cyborgs gain consciousness and decide to rise up against their human masters? This high-concept single by Linger is 15 years in the making, and it sounds fresh and bold. "Sold to the Cause" is a preview for the second of three EPs, "Creatures of the Last Five Minutes." Check it out on spotify, soundcloud, iTunes, and more.
The Criminal Kid - These Blue Walls are Faking Freedom
10-Track LP Produced by Rob Hillstead and David Roman, featuring the group "The Criminal Kid" (Allysia Kerney, Vic Roman, Jeremy Pilon, Mike Van Betuw)
Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata - Single
Allysia Kerney masterfully interpreted Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata for the short film "The Dark Somnambulist." Photography by Rob Hillstead. Mixed by David Roman of Roman Empire Studios. Allysia Kerney is the writer, composer, teacher, blogger, and video host of Youtube's PianoTV.
Linger - Creatures of Yesterday
My long-running music project Linger with co-founder David Roman released 4-track EP "Creatures of Yesterday" in 2014. Check out the music video, band photos, and more.
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