"Balikbayan is resolutely life-affirming and positive throughout."
"There are moments here that grip the heart."
"The result is guerilla filmmaking at its best. Using the most basic of cameras, the group has created a fluid eventful movie that demonstrates considerable filmmaking skills and a natural ability to put an accessible and just plain interesting movie together."
Jon Jon Rivero inspires a young generation of filipino orphans and street kids to cope with their traumas and find confidence and strength in their skills and talents. I have great respect and admiration for such a noble individual.
Trauma expert Paula Audrey Rivero opened my eyes as to what trauma-informed therapy and creative interventions can do to positively shake up these kids' lives. It was horrifying to hear the tragic stories of the kids for whom the worst typhoon on record was only second to the trauma that landed them on the streets. Her positivity and benevolence was contagious and impactful. She and Jon Jon use their knowledge and resources to enhance the lives of many people (and they are married! Can you say power couple?)

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